Living Well/Dying Well

8 Fridays 10:30-Noon

April/May of 2019 (April 5, 12, 19, 26th and May 10, 17, 24 and 31st)

Oakland DBT and Mindfulness Center - 4179 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, Suite 210

Introduction:  Dying eventually confronts us all.  Being “ready” includes psycho-emotional well being as well as an understanding of the medical and legal advanced planning documentation. In envisioning a relationship with the end where one feels empowered and resolved with the life they created, our goal is to give you the tools to feel prepared to navigate this phase of life.  Within the context of group learning/discussion, we will offer psychoeducation about these issues, homework to further your learning and growth, and paper and web based resources.

This 8 week small group format it intended to provide an overview.  It will provide resources from Psychology, Law and Medicine. It will introduce Living Wills, Forms for your Physician, and Emotional skill sets to support and help participants be realistic in planning the future.  

In an interactive weekly small group session, Christine Benvenuto, MFT (psychotherapist and co founder of  the Oakland DBT and Mindfulness Center) and Dr. David Pepper (Family Physician, Faculty UCSF) engage you around a range of topics with the goal of helping you imagine this phase of your life.

Through group discussion, and sharing of real world stories (ours, yours and others) the intention is to enliven your lives and help you appreciate and plan for the days to come. Ideally, you have someone you can discuss your learnings with, either a partner, child, friend or therapist.  As we will ask that you engage with themes that are emotionally evocative, additional support outside of class may be necessary and this is something which we can not provide.  A thought partner to think through exercises helps realistic planning and integration.

Cost: $480 for 8 weeks

All participants will need to set up a 15 minute phone consult to ensure you are good fit for this class.  Email us through our contact page and let us know several times which you are available to set up a time to talk.