We seek  to help you and your loved ones navigate next steps when the End of Life becomes imminent.  Perhaps after a diagnosis, or at a stage of Aging where it becomes clear that health is declining.  You will have access to the expertise of a wife/husband – Psychotherapist/Physician team who will help you understand the pros and cons of medical treatment options, as well as emotional and spiritual needs you and your loved ones have as you plan for the End phase of Life.


Over several sessions, we will meet with you and those closest to you, making a thorough assessment of needs.  After learning about what is important, as well as what feels undone, we will provide feedback and a range of suggestions and referrals.   You will have a clear plan to support you to order your affairs and clarify your treatment goals to support a Dying and Death process that you consider good.


We have extensive connections in Medical, Legal, Hospice, Psychotherapeutic and Spiritual communities, and you will have a clear map, which empowers you with information and resources to navigate the terrain of Life’s Ending and Death.